Mobile 2 player card game crazy eights. Unity3D, C#


Prototype of 2 player card game Crazy Eights. Mobile (Android), HTML5 and HoloLens.

  • C#
  • Unity3D


Programmer / Designer - Jeffrey M Johnson


Prototype personal project for edification and to keep the tools sharp.

Goals of the project:

  • 1 Player vs computer AI
  • Android release
  • HTML5 Release
  • HoloLens Release

Nice to have

  • 2 players via networking


Tools / Libraries

  • C#
  • Unity3D
  • Unity GUI System
  • HoloLens Unity Dev Kit
  • Visual Studio 15 (preview build)

Interesting Code

Current Status

Cards Dealt (debug mode)

  • Have the deck of cards built, shuffled and dealt to 2 players.

Playing a Wild Card

New suit selected.

  • Turn logic is complete.


Would like to document this process better as it's being developed. Maybe article or tutorial?

  • Implement Computer player turn logic
  • game-play UI
    • Current Player
    • status window / panel
  • Implement win state
  • splash screen
  • Menu scene
  • High Scores scene
  • Release
    • Mobile
    • HTML5
    • HoloLens
  • 2 Player play