Golem by Highwire Games

Sword fighting giant stone monsters while exploring a giant ancient city, all In virtual reality!

Implemented using: Unreal Engine, C++

Golem is an ambitious project shipped as a Sony exclusive for the Playstation VR system by Highwire Games.

I worked for Highwire for the final year of the product where I implemented the menu systems for the game. I have always used Unity and C# so far in my career, so moving to Unreal was the first hurdle to overcome. It’s a great engine, and after getting used to the systems and patterns I think it might be my current favorite.

There were some challenges the largest of which was the fact the Unreal engine’s UI system does not work in stereoscopic rendering mode. It was decided to use a particle text system that allowed you to print text anywhere in the world. I would then produce the menu (as a list of text) about an arm’s distance away from the user. Tweaking the effect could produce “selected” state, etc.

For more info on Golem, check out this blog post from the creative director Jaime Griesemer

All Golem images are owned by Highwire Games LLC and used with their permission.